First OCT guided angioplasty at NM Wadia Institute of Cardiology

OCT Optical Coherence Tomography is a novel imaging technique which uses near infrared light to create images inside of blood vessels. The technique delivers very high resolution images and we can see inside blood vessels of heart very clearly.

The blockage, its percentage, its cause, its calcification, plaque vulnerability to rupture in future can be assessed by this technique. Size of balloon, type of tools needed to prepare the bed for stent can be assessed and planned.

Whether to use rotablator or cutting balloon or noncompliant balloon can be decided before stenting..After deploying the stent we can see if it is fully expanded and apposed to vessel wall can be seen. This helps us understand the need for further strategy.

This results in better outcome of angioplasty and stenting..Dr Ritu Bhatia, Consultant Cardiologist at N.M.Wadia institute performed the first OCT guided angioplasty on a 57 year old patient in Sept 2021 with our Cath lab staff and team.

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