Ultra Modern Cath Lab

Our Ultra-modern Cath Lab is fully equipped with state-of-art facilities and offers a complete range of services from Cardiac Investigation to Interventional Cardiology.

State Of Art Modular Cardiac OT

NMWIC is a pioneer in cardiac operation theatre set up which was established in 1990. Our cardiac setup includes two dedicated operating rooms with modern equipment which includes Laminar flow with HEPA filter, Drager – Fabius plus anaesthesia machine, Philips MP 70 anaesthesia invasive monitor along with two indigenous Heart-lung machines, two latest Datascope intra-aortic balloon pumps etc.

NMWIC has performed all types of cardiac including paediatric cardiac surgeries.

Well Equipped Intensive Coronary Care Unit : ICCU

We have  12 bedded Intensive coronary care unit located on the ground floor next to the emergency department. The unit is fully equipped with all facilities to address a range of needs of critically ill cardiac patients. Our nursing staff has many years of experience of working in the cardiac ICUs and provide close supervision with the help of a central monitoring system with 1:1 nursing ratio for ventilated and critically ill patients while 1:2 ratio for other patients.

We have reliable, sophisticated high-tech equipment such as multichannel monitors, defibrillator, ventilators, IABP system pumps etc. capable of providing care to all complex patient needs dealing with cases such as heart attack, heart failure, acute coronary syndrome and all kinds of emergency cardiac situations

Recovery Room -

The recovery room is a specialized intensive cardiac care unit wherein patients from who undergo cardiac surgery (CABG, open heart surgery, Valvular heart surgery like mitral valve repair and replacement, AVR, DVR etc.) and those who’ve undergone interventional cardiac procedures from cath lab (ASD, VSD device closure) are managed post operatively and continuously monitored, until they are stable enough to be shifted out to wards. Patients regain consciousness under the supervision of nurses working closely with anaesthetists in a safe environment. The length of time spent inside the ICU depends upon the type of surgery performed and condition of the individual patient.

The ICU has strict infection control protocols and visitors are not allowed inside the ICU for patient safety reasons. However, attendants are counselled after surgery, kept informed about the current state of the patient, and their loved one is shown to them through glass windows without allowing any of the visitors inside.

We are committed to giving quality care to our patients in an environment marked by deep empathy.

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