Medical Services

Laboratory Services

The pathology laboratory at NMWIC is fully equipped with advanced technology and state-of- the-art equipment including fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer, Hematology cell counter, Blood gas analyzer, Coagulometer, electrolyte analyzer, Quo-Test analyzer for HbA1c, fully automated Fluoro checker for Troponin –I, anti pro BNP, procalcitonin and D Dimer quantification. For adhering to highest quality standards, the lab has been participating in external quality assurance (EQAs) program in clinical chemistry since 2001 which is conducted by CMC Vellore.

The lab services include the following:

   ✧   Clinical biochemistry

   ✧   Haematology

   ✧   Clinical Pathology

   ✧   Microbiology

Our staff includes a team of expert pathologists, biochemists, microbiologists and lab technologists. The laboratory functions 24*7 including emergency services for in-patients as well as out- patients. We also provide home visit services round the clock in the Pune region.