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We have a team of leading specialists who aim to provide the best Heart Care services in Pune, who are dedicated to give you an opportunity to live a healthier life!

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   ✧   When Patient arrives at Hospital for OPD Consultation, the front office executive will guide you with the OPD registration process.

   ✧   Patient pays the OPD registration charges and is guided to the OPD department with the OPD registration slip.

   ✧   Patients should submit the OPD Registration Slip to the OPD Executive staff along with past history of treatment.

   ✧   If the doctor advises for X-Ray, ECG, Stress Test, 2D Echo, dressing or any other tests, the OPD Executive staff will fill the requisition form and will guide to the relevant department/ room.

   ✧   If a patient is disabled or not able to walk or move, the hospital has a facility of wheelchairs/stretchers.

Inpatient Guide

1. Admission Procedure:
   ✧   The front office executive will address you and explain the admission process. For planned/ Elective admission the patient has to come with an admission note from the consultant with the details of procedure.

   ✧   A unique Hospital identification number (UHID) will be generated for your  admission.

   ✧   The Front Office executive shall advise to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission according to the room category, which is applicable for both cash and insurance patients. Charges vary as per the room category, irrespective of the medical services.

   ✧   Planned admissions are made by prior appointment and booking only.

   ✧   The front office executive will help you in getting to know the hospital, your room and various facilities available

   ✧   Please ensure that you clarify all your doubts about charges. Should you have any questions regarding billing during your stay, our billing staff (Ground floor of the main lobby) would be more than happy to assist you

   ✧   Bed charges are inclusive of meals, which are for the PATIENT ONLY.

2. Emergency Admission

   ✧   In an emergency you can get admitted to the hospital at any time.

   ✧   The relative of the patient should complete the formalities of the admission undertaking form and pay the necessary deposit to the Billing department (Ground floor of the main lobby)

   ✧   In case of walk in/ emergency admission, the admission to the bed desired, is subject to the availability of room / bed.

3. Consent Form

This is a statutory requirement and is necessary to be signed before any procedure. Your consultant / his or her assistant will explain to you the details of the procedure. You are advised to clear all your doubts with him / her and then sign the form. There can be more than one consent form for a procedure.

4. Please Bring the Following

   ✧   AII your previous medical records.

   ✧   Approval Letter/ undertaking letter form respective corporate/     government office who have empaneled with us. Insurance Card/CGHS/ CSMA Card to brough for the admission.

   ✧   The required deposit amount.

5. You Should Not Carry

   ✧   Any valuable ornaments,laptops, ipads etc. The hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage of your valuables.

   ✧   Any clothing / bedding.

   ✧   Flowers

6. Discharge Process

   ✧   As per the consultant’s instruction, the discharge process will be initiated and will be completed within a few hours based on your Insurance/TPA (3 to 4 Hrs.)

   ✧   All formalities including payment needs to be completed for discharge.

   ✧   Discharge summary will be handed over by nursing staff instructing any medication / after care at home that needs to be followed.

   ✧   The dietician will consult and advise you on the do’s and don’ts about your diet and nutritional needs.


7. Visitor’s Guide

Although we recognize that visitors are an essential part of the recovery process, we strongly believe that patients need rest in order to recuperate as quickly as possible. In a sincere attempt to facilitate your speedy recovery, we request you to encourage your visitors to adhere to the visitor’s timings.

   ✧   The visitor’s timing: Evening: 5PM – 7PM.

   ✧   At the time of admission, you will be issued one visitor pass.

   ✧   To avoid inconveniences visitors should carry the pass when they are in the hospital premises.

   ✧   Maximum visitors allowed at a time are only two.

   ✧   Only one attendant is allowed in the ICU.

   ✧   Additional visit to the patient in ICU is allowed only with prior permission of the ICU Doctor on duty.

8. Billing and Payment Facilities: 

For the in-patient treatment, you shall be required to pay a deposit as per your room category for the treatment you seek. The billing department (Ground floor of the main lobby) can be contacted for all your daily billing updates

★   Cash Payments:

   ✧   Payment is accepted by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card/ NEFT/RTGS only. Personal Cheques are not accepted.

   ✧   Administrative charges will be charged as applicable on every bill. It is the operational charge for the services being availed of by you.( Excluding Medicines/ Consumables & Professional fees.)

   ✧   Refunds above `10,000/- will be made by Cheques/ NEFT/ RTGS only.

   ✧   Schedule of Deposit / Advance

  1. Predetermined package – 100% of the package cost
  2. Elective procedure or all other cases – 100% of estimated hospital charges. The Doctor’s charges would be over and above the amount.

★   Company / Credit Payment:

   ✧   If your bill is to be paid by your company, please ensure that you bring with you a signed letter from your company clearly accepting undertaking for all medical treatment. The Hospital will provide treatment to the bed category specified by your company. 

   ✧   Any changes from the instructions will be billed directly to you. The Hospital will guide you in advance, approximate cost of treatment, investigations, hospital charges etc.

   ✧   Such information can be obtained in advance from the Billing department (Ground floor of the main lobby).

   ✧   Refund of deposit is given only up to 10,000/- in cash if the bill is finalized before 5:00 pm. If the bill is finalized later or if it is a higher amount, refund is by cheque/NEFT/RTGS only the next day. If deposit is made through credit card, then refund is after 3 working days subject to funds clearance.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Very good service. Hard working and friendly staff. Pune's best available in service. No over charging or unnecessary procedure. I am visiting this hospital since 2015 for my parents treatment under Dr PRAMOD NARKHADE Sir . I am very much satisfied with the treatment. Thank you team N M Wadia thank you Narkhade Sir

Navneeth Srinivasan

I am glad to inform that the N.M.Wadia Institute of Cardiology. Pune has helped on immediate chest pain and server blockages critical condition of my mother .With a great assistance and co-operation by the Dr. Pramod Narkhede on 5th March 2018 .The angioplasty was successfully done by him. No issues and problem.

Pranav Joshi

My experience with NM Wadia Hospital's cardiac team for valve replacement surgery for one of my relative was truly remarkable. The surgeons' skill and dedication, coupled with personalized attention from the medical staff, ensured a smooth recovery. The commitment to excellence and patient well-being shines through. I'm grateful for their life-changing work.


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