Complex Case Treated Successfully at N M Wadia Institute of Cardiology

A 56 year old male from Lonawala had been suffering for two weeks with pain and swelling in both lower limbs and excruciating pain in abdomen. He had difficulty in breathing, felt very weak and had met multiple local doctors without any improvement in his condition. He was unable to go to work and became bed ridden.

He consulted Dr. Ritu Bhatia, Senior Interventional Cardiologist of N. M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology and was admitted to the ICU. Dr. Bhatia started investigating him on the lines of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), with possible pulmonary embolism. His IVC (largest vein taking blood from lower part of body to heart) had large hanging blood clots. These blood clots have a risk of detaching and entering small vessels in lungs and blocking the blood flow – a condition known as Pulmonary Embolism. To prevent that, Dr. Bhatia gave him clot busting agents and decided to implant a filter in IVC. The patient had low hemoglobin and platelets which threw several challenges in the treatment. Free large clots in IVC posed risk of detachment during implantation procedure. However, the procedure was performed successfully.

Two month follow up of patient shows completely open veins with no clots. The patient has been feeling much better since. His filter was removed last week. When contacted, Dr. Bhatia said, “It is very important to identify early cases of DVT with pulmonary embolism. Treatment delay has very high mortality. Many patients are left with residual thrombi. Careful selection of approach and route of implant of IVC filter made the whole treatment successful. Team work of ICU doctors and interventional cardiologist is mandatory in such cases.”

Dr. Ritu Bhatia is the first female D. M. interventional cardiologist in Pune and has rich experience with such complex interventions. N. M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology is proud to have such dedicated team of doctors offering honest and ethical treatment.

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