Medical Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation And Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy department at NMWIC provides pre-op physiotherapy assessment and post- operative phase-1 rehabilitation for all patients undergoing heart surgeries. The importance of post-op cardiac rehabilitation lies in its well-structured program which helps to improve quality of life of the patient and reduce the hospital stay. The programs are designed by our physiotherapists who are experts in this field and are working with cardiac patients for many years.

The different kinds physiotherapy provided at NMWIC are:

 ✧   Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy in ICU and wards

  ✧   Phase 1 cardiac rehabilitation post-surgery

  ✧   Patient education and home exercise program

  ✧   Pain management

Services offered:

✧   Ergonomics

✧   Pain management

✧   Low back pain, neck pain

✧   Knee and shoulder pain

✧   PFT

✧   IFT (Interferential therapy), Ultrasound treatment

✧   Manual Therapy

✧   Taping

We also offer home visits through prior appointments.