Work from home with a happy heart!

The experience of going to the office and back or even grabbing a quick chai break with your colleague might seem nostalgic now!!

A lively work environment is vital for your heart health. Maintaining this has become quite tricky as working from home could make you feel isolated from a healthy work-life set-up. It might even lead to higher than normal stress levels. Moreover, the sedentary lifestyle can make the situation worse. All these factors can eventually take a toll on your heart.

There may be no alternative to “Work from Home” for now, but there is lots you can do to relieve the stress in this kind of a set-up. Here are a few tips.

  • Hard Time Breaks - Ensure you put hard stops to work. Just because you are working from home make sure you are not working all day.

  • Scheduling - Make sure your work pattern matches with the rest of the family members. This way you will also ensure that you finish the work during office hours only so you can spend time with them.

  • Me Time - Make sure you are giving time to activities apart from work that you love to do. For instance, you could play your favourite songs in between work sessions.

  • Move Around - Walk walk walk!! Cannot stress on this enough. Walk around the house as much as possible. For instance, you could be answering a work call and be walking around the house.

  • Use Technology - We are lucky to be living at a time when we could talk to someone just as if he/she is sitting in front of you. Use technology to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.

If none of the above help, you may need immediate medical assistance. But don't worry, our experienced team of cardiologists will always come to your rescue. Just dial +91-20-6763400 to get in touch.

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