Obesity & Heart Care!

Have you put on a little extra pounds?

Well no one likes to be called fat, True!

But it may be time that you start looking deeper than just the physical aspects of it, if that's the case with you!
Obesity may seem like a common problem but it is not one to be neglected. It may be directly responsible for developing an unwanted heart condition. This applies not only to people who are obviously obese but also to people who are on the road to it.

The question now is how do we know this? Well, apart from the gradual weight gain there could be a few other indications to consider.

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Aching knees

  • Snoring

  • Back pain

  • BMI count

The key is to understand the early signs of obesity rather than just trying to lose weight after you have already gained a substantial amount.

So what may be causing these early signs?
Most people today are looking for fast weight loss solutions but don’t realise that obesity in most cases is a lifestyle disorder and may involve factors more than just diet and exercise.
It is important to dive deep into lifestyle aspects rather than just switching to a keto diet or any other quick weight loss remedies. It might be time that you ask yourself some basic questions.

Is your sedimentary corporate lifestyle making you lazy?

Are you sleeping enough?

Are things getting a little stressful these days?

Are you eating irregularly?

How much salt and sugar are you eating in your diet?

You may need to ask yourself many such questions. Chances are, by answering these questions, you may discover many factors which are rather easy to overcome without too much sacrifice. Minor adjustments in your lifestyle can take you a long way when it comes to weight management. If enough people in your family are gaining weight then it is time to discuss things out with everyone and make small changes. For instance, even when it comes to diet, there is no one diet suitable for all human beings. It makes sense to see a nutritionist who could understand your family background, eating habits, lifestyle and suggest a diet plan suitable for all members of the family.

Overall the goal is to start losing those extra pounds as early as possible and without needing to take any sudden drastic steps in your life.

And hey! Don’t stress too much about obesity! Remember? Stress makes it worse! :)

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