Patients and Visitors Information - N. M. Wadia Heart Hospital
For the in-patient treatment, you shall be required to pay a deposit as per your room category and the treatment you seek. Further, additional deposit is to be paid as and when expenditure exceeds the initial payment. The IPD reception can be contacted for all your daily billing updates.

  • In case of direct billing arrangement between your employer or TPA and the hospital, then the cash deposit is waived as long as the employer or the insurance company has authorized the treatment.

  • Hospital authorities would facilitate the documentary requirements of your TPA/ corporate, but in no way influence their decision about cashless facility. Primary responsibility of getting cashless benefit lies with the patient or his attendants authorized by TPA.

  • You will be expected to pay the difference between the bill amount authorized by the TPA and the actual bill amount resulting from items not covered in your policy.

The reception executive at the main reception will receive you and help you check-in through the hospital information system (HIS) using a unique Hospital identification number (UHID) specifically for you. You are expected the keep the record of the same.

  • The front office executive will explain the admission process to you.

  • Further you will be requested to make an advance payment for which the billing counsellor shall advise you.

  • You will get a receipt for the same which you need to keep safe for the final settlement.

  • The front office executive will help you in getting to know the hospital, your room and various facilities available.

  • You will then be escorted to your in-patient bed by a ward attendant.

No immediate deposit is demanded for emergencies, relatives are expected to fulfil the payment as soon as possible.
Once your consultant feels you are ready to go home and decides to discharge you, it can take up to 3-4 hours to complete the discharge process. Certain formalities for discharge need to be completed by you. The payment needs to be cleared. Your nurse will hand over the discharge summary to you after the required formalities have been completed. She will also explain any medication / after care at home that needs to be continued with you. The dietician will meet you and advice on the do’s and don’ts about food and your nutritional needs.
Although we recognize that visitors are an essential part of the recovery process, we strongly believe that patients need rest in order to recuperate as quickly as possible. In a sincere attempt to facilitate your speedy recovery, we request you to encourage your visitors to adhere to the visitor’s timings.

  • The visitor’s timing: Evening: 5PM – 7PM.

  • At the time of admission you will be issued one pass for visitors.

  • To avoid inconveniences visitors should carry the passes when they are in the hospital premises. Maximum visitors allowed at a time are only two.