Managing Work Stress!
Managing Work Stress

Mostly your heart won’t start demanding attention until its turned 40. But things may already be quite bad when those early symptoms start kicking in. Yet most of us begin with heart care only after the first signs begin to show.

One of the major reasons for heart problems could be your job. Most jobs, especially after the advent of the computer, involve sitting on your desk. Sometimes for hours together.

Apart from it not being good for your eyes and posture, such a working atmosphere can also have a significant impact on your heart health.

Here are a few work-life changes that can not only improve your heart health but might also get you that next promotion quicker :)

  1. Sitting posture

    1. Try to sit as close as possible to a 90-degree angle between your upper and lower body.

    2. Make sure you are not leaning on either side while working. This causes improper weight distribution.

    3. Keep your feet flat and relaxed on the ground.

  2. Socializing

    1. Make sure you walk around the office enough. For instance, if you need to talk to a colleague who is just a few cubicles away, avoid using his/her phone extension.

    2. Meeting people in person as far as possible can also promote a healthy work atmosphere.

  3. Water Breaks

    Keeping that water bottle handy is not always a good idea. Instead, take sufficient water breaks and walk to the water cooler each time.

  4. Tea Breaks

    A tea break can be more refreshing if you walk to the tea counter instead of ordering it at your desk.

  5. Meditation

    Taking a small break for meditation during office hours can actually improve your efficiency. It can also release some of the work stress which can eventually lead to heart problems

Apart from these, make sure you are not spending long hours at work always. Do spend sufficient time with family and friends and get that work-life balance. 
So hey, these simple work-life adjustments don’t seem like so much of a task now, do they?

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