Cardiac Heart Care Medical Services - N. M. Wadia Heart Hospital

24 Hours Cardiac Ambulance:-

NMWIC has a fully equipped cardiac ambulance with state of art facilities for ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) for patients requiring advanced cardiac care. Our ambulance is equipped with reliable, sophisticated high-tech cardiac equipment such as multichannel monitor defibrillator, ventilators etc. which makes it capable of providing treatment for all complex cardiac emergencies. Our ambulance service is available 24*7 with rapid response and manned by ACLS certified staff.

Day care unit

An ecofriendly visiting area and a spacious corridor welcomes you to the day care located on third floor. All 6 beds of daycare are equipped with advanced cardiac central monitoring system connected to multichannel monitors so that patient’s hemodynamic parameters always remain under continuous supervision of the nurses and doctors.
The unit is air conditioned and equipped with central oxygen and suction supplies, syringe- pumps, defibrillator, crash trolleys with all emergency medicines and instruments to tackle all medical emergencies.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy department at NMWIC provides pre-op physiotherapy assessment and post- operative phase-1 rehabilitation for all patients undergoing heart surgeries. The importance of post-op cardiac rehabilitation lies in its well-structured program which helps to improve quality of life of the patient and reduce the hospital stay. The programs are designed by our physiotherapists who are experts in this field and are working with cardiac patients since many years.

The different kinds physiotherapy provided at NMWIC are:

  1. Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy in ICU and wards
  2. Phase 1 cardiac rehabilitation post-surgery
  3. Patient education and home exercise program
  4. Pain management

Services offered:

  1. Ergonomics
  2. Pain management
  3. Low back pain, neck pain
  4. Knee and shoulder pain
  5. PFT
  6. IFT (Interferential therapy), Ultrasound treatment
  7. Manual Therapy
  8. Taping

We also offer home visits through prior appointments.

Dialysis unit

We provide haemodialysis services available on IPD and OPD basis. We have a pre-appointment schedule system available for everyone. Our 2-bedded Dialysis unit is located on the ground floor, armed with multichannel advanced monitor, ventilator and dialysis machines. We have well trained staff headed by qualified and experienced doctors.

Pathology Laboratory

The pathology laboratory at NMWIC is fully equipped with advanced technology and state-of- the-art equipment including fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer, Hematology cell counter, Blood gas analyzer, Coagulometer, electrolyte analyzer, Quo- Test analyzer for HbA1c, fully automated Fluoro checker for Troponin –I , anti pro BNP, procalcitonin and D Dimer quantification. For adhering to highest quality standards, the lab has been participating in external quality assurance (EQAs) program in clinical chemistry since 2001 which is conducted by CMC Vellore.
The lab services include the following:

  1. Clinical biochemistry
  2. Hematology
  3. Clinical Pathology
  4. Microbiology
Our staff includes a team of expert pathologists, biochemists, microbiologists and lab technologists. The laboratory functions 24*7 including emergency services for in-patients as well as out- patients. We also provide home visit services round the clock in Pune region.

Medical social work department

The NMWIC has a qualified and experienced medical social worker who assists, guides and counsels patients. A detailed social assessment of the patient/ family’s circumstances is undertaken by the medical social worker in order to understand their social, cultural and financial status. Substantial financial assistance and concessions too are provided by the hospital for patients who are genuinely needy and deserving help. Many a times, cultural and social factors like fear, lack of knowledge, illiteracy, superstitions as a result of coming from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds play an important role in the course of illness as well as in the compliance and outcomes of treatment. For this reason, our MSW maintains a close rapport with the patients and their families which is maintained even after their discharge followed by regular visits to the hospital. The Medical social worker essentially serves as the link between the patient, their family and the treating doctor and team.

Dietetics and Nutrition

The Dietetics and Nutrition department of NMWIC makes sure all dietary needs of a hospitalized patient are taken care of. We have expert dietitians with many years of experience, especially in cardiac facilities, who know what it takes to help you recover and heal in terms of your caloric and protein intake requirements. Our department provides complete range of food services for all hospitalized patients, from bed tea to dinner. Our dietitians are available from 8 am to 6 pm on all working days. They study your individual needs as per your build, specific clinical condition and design a diet chart for you. They also Supervise the food being served to you. Our dietitians are also available for counseling patients on OPD basis wherein they will educate you on the right food choices. Cardiac diet is an unofficial term for a heart friendly diet. This is the plan to eat plenty of nutrient rich foods, fruits and vegetables e.g. whole grains, fish etc. Cardiac diet also means avoiding saturated fats, trans-fats and excess sodium and sugar.