A Hearty Meal!
A Hearty Meal
Healthy or Tasty?
I’m sure you resonate well with this question...

when you are about to grab that next meal.Unfortunately, more often than not, taste wins most battles. Maybe because that loud unrelenting hunger demands quick gratification. Unless of course, you are willing to listen to those unspoken words. A voice from deep within. The voice of your heart. This article is written on behalf of your heart, an attempt to help you know what food does your heart really love.

  • Bottle Gourd

    The god-food that helps in controlling blood pressure which can lead to many heart diseases. It is also a high source of vitamins. Bottle gourd helps in driving that dirty cholesterol out of your system which is no less a culprit for heart diseases.

  • Beans

    Apart from being an excellent source of protein they also have an army of good bacteria which protects your heart and fights LDL. Beans also help in controlling your blood sugar levels

  • Fish

    This wonder food is the highest source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is a vital nutrient as it reduces the risk of heart strokes. Fish is also a high source of Vitamin D which is again a key nutrient for good health.

  • Spinach

    Introduce this wonder leaf in your daily meals and you won’t believe how it will have changed your life. Magnesium, potassium, and folate in Spinach ensures lower blood pressure and thus a lower risk of heart strokes

  • Dark Chocolate

    • Yes chocolate, you read it. One of the many tasty foods that belong in the good books. I thought I’ll save the dessert for the last :)

    • Apart from being a major contributor to delicacies around the world, chocolate also protects and embraces your heart. It is known to prevent blockages in arteries which reduces the risk of heart strokes.

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